About Us

The World Warfighter training program is designed and developed by Kinection.  Kinection helps corporations, government departments, universities, and non-profits achieve business goals by providing their employees, customers, and partners with rich, interactive learning experiences.

Kinection’s core team of researchers, designers and managers work across multiple projects.  All have deep expertise in language and culture, experience creating solutions for the DOD, and a passion for creating innovative tools that work in the real world. Kinection uses an iterative design and development model based on Agile methodologies and adapted to a distributed team.

The World Warfighter Team

Doug Nelson, President

Doug has successfully produced over 15 interactive courses, simulations, and games in the eight years since he founded Kinection, for clients in the commercial, nonprofit, defense, and government sectors. His professional experience prior to Kinection includes work in education, technology, and the nonprofit sector. During his years of living and working overseas he learned to speak several languages, and developed an intuitive sensitivity to the nuances of cultural diversity.



Scott Meadows, Chief Operating Officer

Scott has over 20 years of experience in effectively managing people, resources, and schedules in order to successfully deliver projects. He lived and worked overseas for extended periods of time prior to joining Kinection in 2005 as a partner in the business and the company’s COO.




Dawn Murphy, Researcher / Designer

Dawn has an extensive background in training, leadership development, and management in both the U.S. and China. She holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at George Washington University researching China- Middle East and China-Africa relations. In addition, she has lived and worked in China for five years and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese.



Ed Lavieri, Designer / Developer / Military Researcher

Ed Lavieri serves as an instructional designer, game designer, prototype developer, and military researcher. During his 25-year naval career, he was exposed to a multitude of cultures and lived overseas for 14 years. Ed is passionate about developing innovative technology-based training solutions for the men and women in our armed services. In addition to his work at Kinection, he is a adjunct faculty member at three institutions.



Brian Knoll, Researcher / Designer

Brian brings a background in research psychology and a strong intuitive feel for designing activities that effectively engage learners. In addition, Brian has a strong interpersonal communication background, having worked in the past as a stroke researcher and a counselor for students of all ages, kindergarten through graduate school.  Brian graduated with his Master’s degree from University of North Florida in Psychology and received his Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Florida.  Brian previously taught classes to prepare foreign students for college-level English proficiency tests and speaks Spanish.


Cathy Moore, Instructional Designer

For more than 25 years, Cathy has used technology to help people learn. She speaks on instructional design, coaches instructional designers, and designs corporate elearning. Her materials are used worldwide by professionals at Fortune Global 500 companies.  She has also written marketing copy, fiction, and materials for kids and speaks Spanish.

For more information, please e-mail us at worldwarfighter@kinection.com or send us a note via our contact form.