Kinection is developing several immersive, goal-focused tools to help soldiers succeed in cross-cultural situations.

Play tactical decision games

Our decision-making scenarios use a choose-your-own-adventure approach to recreate real-life situations. The goal of the games is not to get the “right” answer, but to generate discussion. With hundreds of critical incidents to work with, these scenarios can build many cross-cultural skills and attitudes. Our scenarios have been used by JCISFA to train Coalition NATO Advisers and implemented in the Fort Huachuca NCO Academy Senior Leader Course. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with one instructor saying, “This training is heads and tails above what we’ve seen in the past.”

Navigate virtual roleplays

Virtual roleplays are engaging online versions of the above decision games. They can be used with individuals or groups, either in one classroom or in multiple locations, to develop a wide range of skills and attitudes.  For example, a virtual roleplay could be used to improve skills like building rapport and perspective taking, or to foster attitudes such as openness and flexibility.

Share experiences with Soldier Stories

These compelling recordings help soldiers benefit from the experiences of others to build cross-cultural competency, regional expertise, and language proficiency. Soldiers can choose the Soldier Stories that they need, when they need them. These stories can also be used in a group to inspire discussion.

Practice in realistic 3D

Our 3D versions of virtual roleplays create a more compelling experience. In these decision-making scenarios, soldiers navigate a 3D game, interacting with their environment and computer-generated characters and building cross-cultural competency, regional expertise, and language proficiency in a holistic way.  These games are primarily designed for single players.

See through their eyes with the Virtual Viewmaster

The Virtual Viewmaster displays a photograph of a real-life situation and challenges users identify how people from different cultures or life circumstances would interpret the photo. The tool helps users improve their ability to see issues from others’ perspectives, which is key to building rapport and succeeding in another culture. We can group related images onto reels and focus on specific cross-cultural and regional issues, and the tool can be used by individuals or groups. The Virtual Viewmaster has been demonstrated at a number of Army bases and has received good responses.

  • Cross-cultural competencies can’t be developed by listening to briefings or reading reports. Our users build new skills and attitudes in classroom exercises, online scenarios, and 3D simulations. This first-hand experience transforms information into skills and knowledge into action.


    Our solutions fit your needs

    Our solutions have an open design that promotes flexibility and customization. Modules can be "mixed and matched" by administrators and users to meet specific learning objectives.