Conference helps Kinection build 3D development skills

Friday, October 30th, 2009

By Scott Meadows

We’re developing highly interactive 3D tools, so it was natural for us to go to the Oct. 27-30 Unity3D Unite conference in San Francisco. Unity3D is a multiplatform game development tool designed to make it easier to create and publish 3D games.

Unity does take time to learn, but its “unified” approach to development really shines. We were inspired by talking with groups that had published full titles using teams of only two to four people.

Kinection has been using Unity3D for about two years. We started using it to prototype new approaches to using 3D environments for basic language instruction. For us, Unity has proven to be a good way to create 3D immersive environments that can be deployed on the web, desktop, or iPhone. This helps us meet our goal of developing a wrap-around environment of highly accessible learning tools.

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